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Vendor Profiles: Artist Robby Herbst & OneEleven


Today let’s take a look at two vendors whose wares help make CFR the fun little shop that it is.


First up is OneEleven, the fabulously hip collection of bow ties we have here in the shop. We love the patterns and luxe fabrics. Raise your hand if you’re happy that bow ties have come back into fashion in a big way? It’s easy to imagine every tie in this collection dressed up for all those summer time weddings quickly approaching or dressed down for an evening out.


Next up is the collection of prints we have from local artist Robby Herbst. It’s feeling appropriate to feature Robby’s witty arboreal works a few days after Earth Day. These are incredibly reasonably priced and would look great framed. My personal favorite is the tree growing out of the TV set. Get outside and play, folks!

And while you’re outside walk yourself down to CFR to pick up a snazzy OneEleven tie or a Herbst print. We’ll see you soon!



Good Day, Sunshine


Thank goodness!!! Spring has sprung and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!! We are making some room for some new items, but thought I would share these lil beauties with you to hold you over!!! We also want to welcome our newest vendor CP Cement and her practical and pretty concrete coasters, spoon and ring holders. GET THEM NOW. 










Last Minute Shopping? No Problem, We Gotchya Covered


There’s only 7 DAYS until Christmas! I can’t believe how quickly the holidays have come and will soon be gone. But in the meantime, we have some GREAT stocking stuffer and gift ideas! Wouldn’t you want locally sourced, made, and refinished items for Christmas? That’s what I thought. Check out some ideas for gifts with pieces of furniture and other beautiful wares!





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