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Vendor Profiles: Artist Robby Herbst & OneEleven


Today let’s take a look at two vendors whose wares help make CFR the fun little shop that it is.


First up is OneEleven, the fabulously hip collection of bow ties we have here in the shop. We love the patterns and luxe fabrics. Raise your hand if you’re happy that bow ties have come back into fashion in a big way? It’s easy to imagine every tie in this collection dressed up for all those summer time weddings quickly approaching or dressed down for an evening out.


Next up is the collection of prints we have from local artist Robby Herbst. It’s feeling appropriate to feature Robby’s witty arboreal works a few days after Earth Day. These are incredibly reasonably priced and would look great framed. My personal favorite is the tree growing out of the TV set. Get outside and play, folks!

And while you’re outside walk yourself down to CFR to pick up a snazzy OneEleven tie or a Herbst print. We’ll see you soon!



Good Day, Sunshine


Thank goodness!!! Spring has sprung and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!! We are making some room for some new items, but thought I would share these lil beauties with you to hold you over!!! We also want to welcome our newest vendor CP Cement and her practical and pretty concrete coasters, spoon and ring holders. GET THEM NOW. 










Vendor Profile: Tastefully Dirty Lotions



Do you know what has saved my hands this winter? Working in a store that sells these lovely lotions. Tester bottles! Yeah!

Tastefully Dirty is another great local business that we’re pleased to have in our store as a vendor partnership. The company is based in Grandview and makes all natural, plant based skin and hair care products. Here, I’ll let their site tell you about it:

Tastefully Dirty is a plant-based hair and skin care company that uses essential oils for therapeutic benefits. Our products are completely plant based, vegan, never tested on animals and do not contain any sodium laurel sulfates, paraben, or petroleum. Every product is created with a specific purpose in mind. Essential oils are chosen for their unique properties, whether it be anti-aging, skin discoloration, rosacea, to give your skin that “glow” or the many other amazing benefits that essential oils can provide.

I love the scents but my personal go-to is the Lavender & Spearmint. And just look at how cute that travel size bottle is! Perfect for any bag.

Since it looks like we may have a few more weeks of harsh weather please stop by the shop and check out these lovely lotions. Your skin will thank you immensely.

Playing Catch Up


Its almost here!!! Those days when it stays light longer, less clothes are worn, you don’t slip on your butt walking to your car, and COLOR!!! As life thaws out, more and more spring colors are popping up everywhere. Most of you who know me, are fully aware with my obsession with chartreuse. I know you can imagine how excited I was to get that tub of color and get to work.


This is what came of my spring preparation. This incredible stools that I so badly want to take home, but of course I have no room. So they are here in the shop waiting for a good home to love them like I do.


I also recently added a gorgeous antique drop top desk. She’s a beaut, ain’t she?


Stay tuned!!! With warmer comes better working condition which only means….MORE FURNITURE!!!!!!!

Happy sunny day

Last Minute Shopping? No Problem, We Gotchya Covered


There’s only 7 DAYS until Christmas! I can’t believe how quickly the holidays have come and will soon be gone. But in the meantime, we have some GREAT stocking stuffer and gift ideas! Wouldn’t you want locally sourced, made, and refinished items for Christmas? That’s what I thought. Check out some ideas for gifts with pieces of furniture and other beautiful wares!





****Holiday Hours****

Dec 23-25: CLOSED

Dec 26: 11-7

Dec 27-29: 12-5

Dec 30-Jan 1: CLOSED

Jan 2: 11-7

Get Holiday Ready


I am really enjoying this lovely snow day in Columbus. I am just waiting for a little bit of snow to fall! Luckily, the store is nice and warm and has an excellent view so that I can watch while the flakes fall. 

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Hanukkah! Now it’s time to prep for Christmas and New Years. If youre entertaining, you MUST get here quickly. We have this insane mid century modern dining table with built in leaves. This table could EASILY fit 10 people….I hate to repeat myself, but thats just INSANE! Not only that but we have some serious statement chairs to match. Holy guacamole I might have peed myself, I love these chairs so much. 







Oh there’s more to come to get you holiday ready! Keep checking into the blog for posts on gifts and holiday must haves. But in the meantime, get your butt to sign up for our DIY Decor Ladies Night Out. It’s going to be a lots of fun, and I promise, there will be wine. 


Small biz Saturday part 1


I know you all are getting excited for thanksgiving. But we are here at columbus furniture revival getting excited about our after thanksgiving small biz Saturday sale!!! Friday through Sunday we will be offering some of the best deals in town! I will be posting some sneak peeks of pieces for sale!!!


This amazing coffee table is a crazy 20% off! Incredible, I know!!! Keep your eyes peeled and be sure to be the first ones to the sale, Friday-Sunday 12-5

The Secret Desk Drawer


Happy almost Thanksgiving!!! Before my family comes in town, I wanted to write a quick post. Last week I delivered the most gorgeous desk to my friend Claudia! She had said that she was looking for a desk that was feminine and classic. I searched all over and while I was at Nieman Bates, a wonderful consignment shop, I found it!!! It was exactly what how she explained.

Not only did she want a classic desk, but she wanted it a nice creamy white. The hardware was already perfect so we didn’t need to worry about that.




As a surprise, I wanted to add a secret punch of color that Claudia didn’t know about until I delivered it. See for yourself!!!


Love it!

If you are in Columbus, OH this weekend, please be sure to visit us at the Scott’s Antique Show at the fairgrounds on November 24-25. As always, please feel free to contact me at columbusfurniturerevival@gmail.com