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Get Holiday Ready


I am really enjoying this lovely snow day in Columbus. I am just waiting for a little bit of snow to fall! Luckily, the store is nice and warm and has an excellent view so that I can watch while the flakes fall. 

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and Hanukkah! Now it’s time to prep for Christmas and New Years. If youre entertaining, you MUST get here quickly. We have this insane mid century modern dining table with built in leaves. This table could EASILY fit 10 people….I hate to repeat myself, but thats just INSANE! Not only that but we have some serious statement chairs to match. Holy guacamole I might have peed myself, I love these chairs so much. 







Oh there’s more to come to get you holiday ready! Keep checking into the blog for posts on gifts and holiday must haves. But in the meantime, get your butt to sign up for our DIY Decor Ladies Night Out. It’s going to be a lots of fun, and I promise, there will be wine.