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This ain’t goodbye….it’s “see ya in my garage”


To all of the incredible Columbus Furniture Revival patrons-

I first off want to thank you all for following Columbus Furniture Revival since the beginning. I have loved collaborating with and hearing from all of you. It is time for Columbus Furniture Revival to make some changes. I opened this retail space thinking that it would be an incredible experience, which it has been. Unfortunately, it did not go in the direction I was hoping for. This has lead me to the decision that Columbus Furniture Revival will no longer have a storefront and will focus on our CUSTOM refinishing. Our doors will be closing at the end of June….and the good news is that we will be liquidating the store! EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE WILL BE ON MEGA SALE!!!! This will start tomorrow (Friday the 30th) afternoon and go until everything is SOLD (or June 30th, whichever comes first). I will also be bringing pieces that may need a little work that will be super awesome deals.
I am very excited for the future ventures that I will be embarking on, along with continuing Columbus Furniture Revival Custom. If you have a piece of furniture that you want refinished, I am still your gal. This ain’t goodbye, it’s “see ya in my garage!” I am looking forward to working with you all in the future on some loved furniture pieces.

Mother’s Day Gifts!


Hello, Elaine here!
Mother’s Day is approaching and as a mom I thought I might be able to provide some insight about some of the lovely items we have in the shop here at Columbus Furniture Revival that any mom {or this mom} would be ecstatic to receive as a token of love and appreciation. Here goes!

Let’s start with a motherhood essential: coffee. Moms need coffee, like, to keep us alive, so we also need the quintessential Mom coffee mug. We happen to have it at our store and it’s perfect.  ^^^See^^^


While we’re giving coffee and mugs let us not forget we need a place to rest said coffee mug. These adorable coasters from CP Concrete are just the thing. We also have Tea versions if that’s more your mama’s cuppa… {do i really have to finish this pun?}


Maybe the mamas on your list need some pampering? Gretel’s soaps, salves and balms are just the thing. Luxurious without the outrageous price tag.


Jewelry is a Mother’s Day staple, right? Forgo the Jared’s collections and pick her up something a little more unique, a little more local and a little easier on your wallet. We’re overflowing with lovely, unique and reasonably priced jewelry. If anyone out there is reading for tips on what jewels I would like to receive {ahem} then I would like to go on record as saying this pyrite necklace from Sage Sprouting above and these floral earrings from Poor Sparrow below are my current faves. BUT I’d take just about anything we have…



Maybe the mama you’re shopping for is expecting? Please consider this adorable vintage high chair lovingly refinished by CFR owner, Lauren. This cherry chair is amazing. And you’d still be a hero a year later when Junior’s cake smash photos turn out adorable thanks to this added pop of color…and a great gene pool of course.


Looking for something practical and lovely? This vintage chip + dip set would be a gorgeous addition to your mom’s entertaining collection.


And last, go big or go home. This mid-century modern dresser is so versatile that I’ve picked out 5 different rooms in my house in which I could put this baby. Your mom would do the same.

So, stop in and see us this week to snatch up one of these items or peruse the rest of our wares for the perfect gift.