Vendor Profile: Gusto Candles



Folks, today it’s spring out there. It may not stick around but just for today it was spring and I left the window cracked just a bit on the ride to work to air everything out. Because you know how everything gets that closed-up-for-4-months funk going on by the time the end of February rolls around?

Here at CFR we’ve relied on our wonderful vendor Gusto Candles to keep the stale at bay all winter and it’s worked like a dream. Now, I’m not normally a lover of food scented candles but the Gingerbread candle has gotten me through these last few weeks. See how it’s almost down to the bottom in that picture up there? Gusto has so many unique scents like Cucumber Wasabi, Tomato Leaf, and Lime Leaf & Lilly that I’m eager to try out but don’t wanna use up all our stock!




Gustos candles are made right here in Ohio and check out the repurposed wine glasses in the last photo down there. That’s part of their revitalized series and fits in so perfectly with Columbus Furniture Revival.


We hope you’ll stop in and pick out your favorite scent today. As Gusto says: life is short. make it smell good.


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Whether you are in need of new furniture or have a piece of furniture that needs a facelift, I am your gal. I take old furniture and turn it into "new to me" beautiful furniture that could go in any house. Columbus Furniture Revival gives furniture a second chance at love and it could be all yours!!!

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