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Vendor Profile: Vanessa Jean Speckman


This year, in bloggyness, we’re taking on the project of introducing you to one of our vendors each month. We hope you will enjoy getting to know these vendors as much as we enjoy having their wonderful wares in the shop.

First up is Vanessa Jean Speckman. Vanessa’s witty works are some of my favorite in the shop and after browsing her tumblr, I think I have a girl crush. She supplies our store with keychains made from re-purposed maps and slightly snarky quips. We also have some of her hand detailed notebooks that beg you to write down your dreams and inner desires within their pages but only if you sincerely hope they will come true.

But our favorite items of her making are her notecards. We can’t exactly call them greeting cards b/c their message falls short of greeting and lands more at “i’m glad you didn’t call me because you saved me from having to use the ‘i’m washing my hair that night’ lie, so there.” And let’s be honest, there is a shortage of those types of cards in the world. We’re glad Vanessa Jean is filling that niche. Sometimes old boyfriends need to be told they weren’t that great. Sometimes your naysayers need to be told that their opinion has no impact on your dreams and schemes. If you find yourself in one of those situations then she’s got a card for you.

IMG_5582IMG_5581 IMG_5583

We love her cards so much that we’ve decided to host Vanessa Jean for an evening of crafting Bummer Valentines. Come join us on Feb 6th for wine-drinking and valentine-making. We’ll provide the supplies. You provide the snark.

Eventbrite - Bummer Valentine DIY night


And please check out more of Vanessa Jean’s work. You can find her goods in our shop or on the web at her Etsy or Tumblr.


New Stuff


This is my favorite kind of post. It’s the kind of post that shows off some of the new funky & functional items we’ve got in the store!


^^^We love this new work from the talented Vanessa Jean, a vendor in our shop. This speaks so much to the angsty 8th grader within.^^^


^^^Who’s in the market for a vintage sterilizing cabinet? Hmmmm?^^^


^^^And this adorable bar cart is already racking up the compliments in the shop. Just think, it could be racking up compliments in your home instead!^^^

We’re always adding new items to the floor and our vendors are as well. Stop in and visit sometime soon and make our new stuff your new stuff!

New Year, New Look


Around this time of the year we’re subjected to lots of media hulabaloo about updating our looks. Your hair, skin, and wasteline are habitually toted as in need of a yearly update. Maybe so, but what about your furniture?

The space you reside in should be reflection of yourself. Surrounding yourself with furnishings that make you feel connected to your place of residence can be a really important element to reaching a certain level of domestic tranquility. When was the last time you felt the new energy in a room after refinishing a vintage piece of furniture or giving something a new coat of paint?

That’s where Columbus Furniture Revival steps in! Giving old furniture a facelift is our speciality! Can you mentally pick out one piece of furniture in your house you’d like to see done over? Go ahead, right now. What about adding that piece of furniture to your list of goals for 2014? All it takes is a call to us or sending an email our way at with a couple of photos and your ideas for updates to get started.

The year is wide open for possibilities. Let’s get started on your “New Look” together.

photo 1 photo (19)

Additionally, we’d like to take this moment to plug our upcoming DIY night Thursday, January 23. We’ll be making Liquid Soap dispensers out of mason jars and  your very own liquid soap to go in them. That should help you clean up your act for this year. Tickets and more info can be found here or through the button below.  Hope to see you soon!

Eventbrite - January DIY Night