50 Shades of Blue


Hope everyone got a chance to check us out on FOX 28 Good Day Columbus! If not, don’t worry, I will be posting a clip very soon!!

It’s a bit belated, but I wanted to share with you an article written by Social Columbus about Columbus Furniture Revival! Erin and the rest ofd the staff at Social Columbus are awesome and wrote a really great piece. Check it out here!

I am having quite the blue phase! I hope you all are too!!! Check out our pieces in blue (and shades of blue!)



Magazine Rack- $30




Hoosier Cabinet- $245




Corner Shelves- $65




Foot Stool- $30




Mercury Glass + Wrought Iron Tea Cart- $200




Media Cabinet- $175




Side Tables- $65 each




End Table- $80



Dresser (One of my favorite pieces)- $185


All are still available but going like hotcakes! Woo hoo!!!


Just a heads up: we are having abbrevaited hours for the 4th of July- 

July 3rd: 11-5

July 4th: closed

July 5th: 12-7

July 6th: 12-6

July 7th: 12-5


Have a great great day! Be sure to stop in and mention 50 shades of blue! If you do by June 27th and purchase one of our blue items, you get 10% off!


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