“My Foot, Carl”


Ever since I have met Carl, he has said some interesting phrases. My favorite of them is “My foot, Leibow.” I hear this one quite often. So when Garett and I had the chance to make Carl’s birthday present, we ran with it. 

Carl has been eyeing this craftmans toolbox of ours. He mentioned that he needed one for his fishing gear. Since Carl is probably the most difficult person to get gifts for, knowing what he actually wanted was a step in the right direction. Keeping him from going out to buy one was another task. We told Grace what we were doing and she did everything she could do to prevent him from going to the toolbox section at lowes or home depot. 

Now time for the transformation. Having the toolbox in my workshop meant that it was pretty dirty.



After some elbow grease, I got the toolbox cleaned up. I then picked a color paint that I think would like nice on their porch. It was quite difficult, but I went with a light celery color.



Couldn’t stop with just the paint. I wanted it to be personalized…






We gave it to him and he seemed to really love it. Hopefully this will help keep his fishing gear organized!




As always, if you want to get your pieces refinished, please contact us at columbusfurniturerevival@gmail.com


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