Happy Valentines Day


Hello everyone! What a wonderful day to tell the people in your life you love them. I know I have been a but MIA lately, but things in my life are calming down and I have finally had some time to share with you my latest project!!

This table came to me with lots of stains on top, some hair dye, highlighter, coffee mug rings, you name it this had it. Of course I didn’t take a before picture but once I sanded the top I remembered to grab my trusty camera and take a pic.



Once everything got sanded down to the bare wood, I added a stain that had to match the color it had been previously.



After the whole table got stained



A support under the table was also in terrible condition and so we made a new support to put in its place! This vintage table is now restored to the original look that made the owner fall in love with it. I can’t wait to deliver it!

I didn’t quite get around to sending out valentines, but I am making some that will be belated. How are you all spending your day? However you do, I hope you have a beautiful day! 



Please email me with any questions or requests at columbusfurniturerevival@gmail.com


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