Jewelry Palooza


Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you are all staying warm in this blistering cold. I braved the snow last night and delivered some awesome pieces for Meghan. She is a jewelry designer and needed a display for all of her bracelets that will be for sale starting today at Simply Vague at Tuttle Mall. You can also find her on Etsy at Megalo Designs and

She gave me this adorable jewelry box that didn’t quite fit her decor. She wanted to take the original wood box and turn it into a matte black, stunning piece to house all of her jewelry. 







Along with her jewelry box, Meghan needed a display for her bracelets to go in. We made a shadow box by scratch and added nails to hang her bracelets. We went with an antique white paint with black around the trim. This really frames her jewelry and gives it a beautiful effect. 



The final product with the bracelets!



DON’T FORGET!!! TOMORROW (SATURDAY) FEBRUARY 2nd IS THE WINTER FLEA AKA ICED FLEA!! Located at Seventh Son Brewery from 12-6! Hope to see you all there


Feel free to contact me at

Have a great weekend!


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