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Makeover: Drab Bedroom Furniture


Wow what a busy week, and it is only Tuesday! We have lots of pieces that are getting finished up this week and we just delivered a wonderful bedroom set on Friday!

It was originally all black and a bit too dark for the room it was in. The owner of these pieces wanted a change. She wanted a more distressed look and in the grey family.


There is also a tall armoire but the before picture was too dark to post.

We first sanded and primed the pieces to get them ready to be painted


After the paint color was chosen I didn’t waste any time. I got to painting, no doubt my favorite part!


Distressed the pieces and instantly a whole “new” bedroom set




***I want to announce that we are HIRING!!!! Please apply if you are interested in a part time job where you get to be creative!!! This is a rare opportunity if you’re interested in antiques, art and furniture restoration! Send resumes to


Our New Logo is Here!!


I can’t wait to share with you our brand new Logo! Harrison with eSpire Marketing was very patient with my process and he and his team came up with this amazing logo! I hope you all love it as much as I do!



I also have another announcement! I am currently looking for a part time employee who is not afraid to get a little bit dirty and feels comfortable lifting up to 50 lbs while moving furniture. This position will be between 8-15 hours a week. Please send me your resume if you or someone you know may be interested to


Happy Valentines Day


Hello everyone! What a wonderful day to tell the people in your life you love them. I know I have been a but MIA lately, but things in my life are calming down and I have finally had some time to share with you my latest project!!

This table came to me with lots of stains on top, some hair dye, highlighter, coffee mug rings, you name it this had it. Of course I didn’t take a before picture but once I sanded the top I remembered to grab my trusty camera and take a pic.



Once everything got sanded down to the bare wood, I added a stain that had to match the color it had been previously.



After the whole table got stained



A support under the table was also in terrible condition and so we made a new support to put in its place! This vintage table is now restored to the original look that made the owner fall in love with it. I can’t wait to deliver it!

I didn’t quite get around to sending out valentines, but I am making some that will be belated. How are you all spending your day? However you do, I hope you have a beautiful day! 



Please email me with any questions or requests at

Jewelry Palooza


Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you are all staying warm in this blistering cold. I braved the snow last night and delivered some awesome pieces for Meghan. She is a jewelry designer and needed a display for all of her bracelets that will be for sale starting today at Simply Vague at Tuttle Mall. You can also find her on Etsy at Megalo Designs and

She gave me this adorable jewelry box that didn’t quite fit her decor. She wanted to take the original wood box and turn it into a matte black, stunning piece to house all of her jewelry. 







Along with her jewelry box, Meghan needed a display for her bracelets to go in. We made a shadow box by scratch and added nails to hang her bracelets. We went with an antique white paint with black around the trim. This really frames her jewelry and gives it a beautiful effect. 



The final product with the bracelets!



DON’T FORGET!!! TOMORROW (SATURDAY) FEBRUARY 2nd IS THE WINTER FLEA AKA ICED FLEA!! Located at Seventh Son Brewery from 12-6! Hope to see you all there


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Have a great weekend!