Bleached Out


Morning all!

I just delivered some fantastic pieces of furniture that I have wanted to share with you since I started them. I got these two pieces of furniture that were covered in dark paint and the owner wanted the to be stained. This was going to be a challenge, but nothing Columbus Furniture Revival can’t handle.




We knew there was real wood underneath, but because of the paint colors, this was going to take lots and lots of sandpaper. And so it began. My friend Allison came over to join in the sanding fun!




Then begins the fun!!! I love seeing the transformation. It took a couple of tries but we figured out the perfect stain. Bleached, but with a bit of grey undertones and lots of woodgrain visible. 



We painted the inside of the armoire because of the black paint, it would have been very difficult to remove the paint and stain the inside. We used a light grey to match the stain. 



The hardware chosen was a glass knob. I think it adds to the look of these pieces and really makes them a set! What do you think?





If you have any furniture needs please contact us at

DON’T FORGET! We will be at the winter flea on February 2!


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