Big Red


Good morning and happy Thursday! 

I know I promised you some furniture, but we are waiting for some hardware to come in…In the meantime I wanted to share some more about Columbus Furniture Revival.

I have always loved pick up trucks. I used to visit my uncle in Dallas and he had a red pick up truck that I begged to take rides in. When I got my license I got to drive a pick up and knew that at some point in my life, I needed to have one. My wish came true. About 8 months ago, Carl gave us the company’s pick up. A gorgeous, RED, 1994 Ford F150. There were a few blemishes, but it was a perfect addition to Columbus Furniture Revival.



While I love having the pick up truck, we have put it up for sale. I can’t move furniture in and out of the bed by myself, and that has become an issue. We are looking for a trailer that we can attach to our vehicles to make lugging furniture to shows much easier. If you know anyone that is in the market for a handy truck, please contact me at 

Don’t forget to mark your calenders for February 2nd to attend the Winter Flea! Mention BIG RED to me there and you can receive 10% off! 





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