Presto Change-o


I am finally feeling more like myself! I don’t know what’s going on with my immune system but hopefully this is the last time this season that I get sick. On a positive note, we have successfully moved our workshop into our garage and entertained 10 people on Christmas Day! I am such an adult.

I told my friends that I would make them a table out of their old ottoman…in September. They told me there was no rush, and with the move and all, I have FINALLY finished it!! But I didn’t do it alone. This was a joint effort between Carl and I. Next time we work together, I am going to video it so that you can all see the hilarity that is our collaboration. There was a lot of “my foot, Leibow” and finger measuring. If you are not familiar with this method, it is when you measure things according to the length of you finger. Imagine Carl and I both measuring with our fingers, literally, and then arguing about who was right. It’s similar to when you are measuring yourself against someone else and kind of go on an incline so that you are “the same height” even though you are 4 inches shorter. Don’t worry, all final measurements were made with a real measuring device, aka a tape measure.

Back to the table. The concept for this table was to make it look and feel similar to the cushion they gave it to me as. They wanted it a dark wood and an open front for storage. Off we went…

Here is what they gave me to work with



We got some nice, stain grade wood, and began to plan. Here is what it came out to look like, before it got stained. We routed the top edge to soften the look a bit. 





I stained it and put a coat of poly on it and then it was time to assemble. This is before the final coat of poly



Voila, the final product!!! I think it turned out pretty close to the vision, if not better!



If you or someone you know has a piece of furniture that needs reviving, please contact me at

Have a happy new year!!!




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