The Revamped Bench


Wow have I missed all of you!!! After our trip to Florida, I got a terrible cold that has been going around. I could barely get out of bed! Thank goodness I am finally feeling better. Just in time, November is a busy month! Tonight is our last class at the Bad Girl Ventures. I am going to miss seeing everyone on Wednesday nights and learning valuable information for working ON my business. We will be turning in our business plan, giving presentations, and attending our graduation all this month! Not only that, but we are closing on our house next Friday! Along with moving, my family is coming in town for Thanksgiving, it’s Garett’s birthday, and it is the Scotts Antique Show!!! Oh, and how could I forget, the Ohio State Michigan game…Busy, busy! But I will keep you all in the loop, don’t worry.

Since feeling better, I have gotten to work on some new pieces! This bench, in particular, came to me looking tired. It needed a pick me up while being about to withstand the outdoor elements.

Once I got it sanded, the bench started to take on a fresh new look.

I found a natural stain that is meant for the outdoors, so it look of this bench will last for years to come.

Contrasting the sanded wood and the new stain

The final product

I love how it looks. It has that warm, inviting look but you can tell it has a history. I hope the owner of this bench enjoys many years sitting on her porch on her beautiful, revamped bench.

Don’t forget to mark your calenders November 24-25 for the Scotts Antique Show at the Columbus Fairgrounds! Can’t wait to see you all there.

As always, please feel free to contact me at


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