One Foot in the Door


You can ask just about anyone I have talked to in the past three days about how proud I am of the front door I worked on this week. I met Monica at a Bad Girl Ventures class where we were discussing marketing. I picked her brain for about 30 minutes and gave her my card (as I usually do, self promoting!). I had written her a thank you letter and within a day she had responded to me! She lives in German Village (for those of you that don’t live or haven’t been to Columbus, OH, it is a historic part of town with houses that date back in the 1800s) and had a project for me! I went to her house to meet with her and thats when she showed me…the door. It was clearly caked on with layers and layers of paint and not the most handsome door I have ever seen either. She requested that we bring it back to its original wood. I didn’t make her any promises, since I couldn’t tell what was going on under the paint, but I told her I was up for the challenge.

At 8:45 am on a crisp Monday morning, Carl picked me up and we headed to Monica’s house. We got the door down and assessed the situation. So many ways we could attack this beast.


After much debate, Carl and I decided stripping it would be the most effective way. We lathered that sucker with stripper and waited…and waited…and waited…


Finally after over an hour we started scraping off the paint. I counted at least 7 layers but there could very well have been more. See that ornate detail? It was quite a process to get the paint out of those little crevises. After hours of working, we got the door naked!!!


What a difference!!! As soon as I saw that beautiful wood I fell in love! I couldn’t believe anyone would want to cover that up. Since there was a warm red coming out of the wood, we decided to enhance it with a redwood stain. Here is the final look, which I am obsessed with.


It has been restored to its original look and it makes the house pop. I hope that Monica is as happy with the door as I am!! Just to reiterate the drastic change here is a side by side before and after.


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