Rock and Roll top desk


Todays featured piece is one that I have loved since the moment I saw it. Jayne from Nieman Bates had sent me home with 3 pieces of furniture to refinish and I only brought her 2. That is because my dear friend Darla was in need of a roll top desk, and Jayne had the exact one that fit her needs. It was beautiful even though it had a big gash in the roll top that needed to be patched up.





Darla had seen the buffet I had just done and said that she wanted a matte black with a distressed around the edges look. I didn’t use the same paint as last time. This time, the paint was even more flat which gave it a greyish, metal look. I fell in love and so did Darla when she saw it!!!







It fit perfectly in her entryway at her house and is there for every visitor to see on their way in! 


I am off to finish a german village (really old) door that we started yesterday. I can’t wait to share the process with you all!! Until then, please feel free to contact me if you have any furniture needs


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