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Hey all! It’s that time again! Summer Flea 2012 will be THIS SUNDAY AUGUST 5th

We are really excited about the new location and hope to see everyone there! Just wanted to post a few pictures of pieces in progress that will be for sale this weekend!




On Display


As I mentioned in the previous post, I have been working on a display case for a yoga studio called Yoga on High. I collaborated with my friend Laura on choosing the perfect cabinet that would fit their needs. They wanted something with drawers so that they could store things as well as display them. The only other requirement was that there were locks, or potential to have locks. After lots of searching, we finally agreed upon this  beauty.

While the color wasn’t terribly offensive, the studio wanted a more neutral look. We went with an antique white with a bit of shabby chic touches.

But first, we had to strip it!

Then my trusty assistant, my father in law Carl, installed the locks onto both doors.

Now we had to tape everything up and cover up all the glass before I painted. I got an AWESOME new toy to help me paint more efficiently. LOVE IT!!!

Finally added some finishing touches and voila! A gorgeous display case for a very tranquil and soothing yoga studio.

I want to thank Laura and Yoga on High for trusting me to do this important piece for their studio. It was a blast to work with you and to create this for you!!!