I wanna ROCK (-ing chair)


Whew, these past couple of weeks have been hectic ones! I have been enjoying the summer weather and have been working my booty off and getting new awesome clients! Around memorial day, my beautiful mother in law sent a rocking chair to me. She told me that it was her good friends and that she wanted it reupholstered. I checked it out and though, I can do this no problem…until i tried to hammer in my first furniture nail! Oak is a HARD wood! I had to come up with a new game plan other than just hammering the furniture nails in. It took me a few times but I got the rhythm. I used the fabric that I had finished the same woman’s foot stool with and think they will go very nicely together. I love the look of this old rocker and felt that an antique brassy finishing nail would be perfect. I found these furniture nails at Lowes where they have a TON of options. Finally, after all the hours of trial and error, I would say the chair came out looking pretty awesome!

The chair before…




Gotta show off the back side


I have lots and lots more upholstery work coming up and I will keep you updated on all my wonderful pieces!!!! Make sure you like us on facebook at facebook.com/columbusfurniturerevival and if you have any requests for pieces send me and email at columbusfurniturerevival@gmail.com


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