To desk or not to desk


I have been having a blast getting these pieces of furniture finished! While I have been working on some exciting custom pieces, I also have finished some others to keep in my inventory! I found this fantastic secretary desk. I had to have it!!! Once I got it, I realized it wasn’t in as great of shape as I originally thought. It was painted a green color with layers and layers below it and it didn’t have a top. Carl and I worked on fixing those things. I knew I wanted it black, but the first paint I got was waaaaaaay too glossy. so we had to strip it not once, but TWICE! We finally found a great paint that worked! As for the top, that was a bit different. In order for it to be uniform, we had to use a router! Yup!!! I get to add router to my repertoire! We made almost an exact replica of the back piece! I love this piece and hope to find it a new home soon!

Too Shiny!!!!


Just Right!!!




Oh! In case you all were wondering, Claudia’s dresser is FINISHED and will be delivered this week! Here’s the end product. Please ignore the fabric on top!



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Whether you are in need of new furniture or have a piece of furniture that needs a facelift, I am your gal. I take old furniture and turn it into "new to me" beautiful furniture that could go in any house. Columbus Furniture Revival gives furniture a second chance at love and it could be all yours!!!

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