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To desk or not to desk


I have been having a blast getting these pieces of furniture finished! While I have been working on some exciting custom pieces, I also have finished some others to keep in my inventory! I found this fantastic secretary desk. I had to have it!!! Once I got it, I realized it wasn’t in as great of shape as I originally thought. It was painted a green color with layers and layers below it and it didn’t have a top. Carl and I worked on fixing those things. I knew I wanted it black, but the first paint I got was waaaaaaay too glossy. so we had to strip it not once, but TWICE! We finally found a great paint that worked! As for the top, that was a bit different. In order for it to be uniform, we had to use a router! Yup!!! I get to add router to my repertoire! We made almost an exact replica of the back piece! I love this piece and hope to find it a new home soon!

Too Shiny!!!!


Just Right!!!




Oh! In case you all were wondering, Claudia’s dresser is FINISHED and will be delivered this week! Here’s the end product. Please ignore the fabric on top!



No More Dresser Drama


My dear friend Claudia has bought her first house and is moving in next week! I am so incredibly excited for her and I told her that I must help her with some furniture pieces (I mean, I didn’t give her much choice). So I searched and searched for a dresser that fits her criteria. She was looking for something with deep drawers   and that was my main priority. After sending about a million emails to Claudia, she found one that she really liked. She went to check it out and ended up buying it!!! It did have a few problems that I assured her we could fix. The drawer bottoms were all messed up and the surface was stained. Carl and I got out some trusty tools, built her some bottoms and sanded that sucker down. These old pieces have a different finish than the newer ones, and that stuff does not want to come off. Finally, we got it all off and stained it a similar color to what it came to me. The hardware is new but we tried to stay true to the time and not go with anything too flashy. It hasn’t been poly’ed yet but when it does I will be sure to post a picture. Until then, these are some pictures of the process. Congratulations Claudia and thank you for being such an amazing friend and one of my biggest supporters. You are the best!


After being sanded

New drawer bottoms


Claudia and I

Claudia is doing Pelotonia (a bike ride raising money to support cancer research to find a cure) for the second year in a row and this year she is going for 100 MILES!!! I could not be more proud of her. If you are interested in reading more about the cause or if you would like to donate please check out her page

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Wow! What an amazing experience. I had such a great time at the Spring Flea this past sunday and have sold some of my pieces to very loving homes. Here are some pictures from my booth!! I can’t wait for the Summer Flea!


If there was anything that you didn’t see at the show but are interested in please email me at

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Next post will be of some new pieces I cant wait to show you!

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Sneak Peek


As I have told you previously, Sunday we will be participating in the Columbus SPRING FLEA!!!!! It’s right in the heart of the short north and we are hoping for a lot of foot traffic! I wanted to show you all some items that we will be having at our booth!!

It’s not finished yet but here is an adorable porcelain table

Rocking chair…

a quick look inside a desk drawer!!!!


Hope to see you all on May 6th from 11-5 at 2nd and high st. There will be tons of great vendors and its for a great cause (the mid ohio food bank)!!!!