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From Laundry to Lavish


As promised, this post is going to reveal what the old laundry hamper looks like!!!! My talented father-in-law, Carl, has been busting his butt trying to get it finished!! We ran into quite a few problems with this gem. Since it wasn’t originally a door that swings open from the side, attaching that with the correct hinge took a few tries (thanks Carl for being so patient!). He has taught me a lot about wood working and POWER tools! I feel quite empowered while I am using our table saw. 

After all of the issues with the door, Carl and I created this beautiful masterpiece!!!!


Do you remember what it used to look like? Here is a reminder


Only 11 MORE DAYS until the spring flea!!! We are working our tails off to get as many pieces done to bring as possible! I will definitely keep you updated on what we are creating in the warehouse.

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Coffee Table Talk


It has been yet another busy week at Columbus Furniture Revival! We got accepted to the Spring Flea on May 6th which takes place on N. High Street in the Short North! We are very excited to be participating. We also got a custom order placed for a coffee table requested by our friend Mitch. I went over to his place to check out his new apartment and he told me he wanted a darker brown, stained not painted, coffee table. I searched and found a 3ft x 3ft coffee table and immediately got to work ( I told him I could have it ready by the following week!!!! I know, I am a little crazy).

This is the before (if you can imagine it without the stuff on it)….

I spent about 4 hours sanding that baby! I tried to use a gel paint/varnish stripper but it didn’t get the job done. It had such a heavy coat of polyurethane and stain and the legs have such intricate work that those alone took me 3 hours! The sanding process was finally complete!

It was now ready to be stained. I picked a dark brown stain and began to work on the legs. So far so good. Then I did the top of the table. It turned out even better than I could have hoped for! I sent Mitch a picture of the table to make sure it was to his liking and it was! The final step was to coat it with a poly. Don’t worry, Mom, I used a face mask the whole time!!!!

Before the polyurethane…

The completed piece!!!!!

Isn’t it pretty!!! I love it and I hope Mitch enjoys it in his new home!

Next time I will show you my completed laundry basket/cabinet which is really coming together! I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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Moving in!


I know it has been over a week since I have posted last, but a LOT has happened!!! My last day working at my previous job was Friday. Garett and I immediately got in the car to visit our dear friend Kent in Richmond, VA. What an awesome city full of rich history and an eclectic crowd! Just a quick 36 hour trip and upon returning, I set up my entire studio and got started on some projects I’ve been ITCHING to work on! My sad looking red chair I found got a complete makeover. It has a retro shape so I thought that I would play off that and paint it a killer lime green.

After this beauty was finished I started a much more involved piece. I found this old laundry hamper cabinet. The basket was attached to the door, there was no bottom nor back. I loved this rare find, however, the basket was in no condition to conserve. My next idea was to turn it into a cabinet that could go anywhere, either a bathroom for extra storage or in the living room as a side table. I havent finished it yet but I will show you what I have so far.

This is the before…

This is naked…


This is where it is right now….


My wonderfully talented father-in-law agreed to come help me cut wood and show me how to safely use the table saw. We cut a back, bottom and shelves!!



Garett and I had a contest on who’s finish would turn out better. Garett-1, Lauren-0. Whomp whomp. He wins and the white finish is what the entire cabinet will look like!

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