The beginning…


I first want to thank you all for tuning into my blog/posting platform. I am extremely excited yet anxious (obviously) about taking the leap into this new venture that is furniture refinishing. I wouldn’t be able to do it without my amazing husband, family and friends for that, I thank you. How did this whole thing start? Antiques. I remember being a young girl visiting my grandparents and waking up at 5 am to go garaging. We would stop and get a cheese danish from McD’s and then off to find treasure. We would be gone for hours and I would find lots of tchotchkes that I still have to this day. Fast forward 20 years later and my husband talked me into going to the antique store. I found lots of furniture screaming to be loved again. That is when I decided I would give that furniture a second chance. We found a studio in an eclectic warehouse and found some pieces for me to start working on. Although I am not in my studio space I have been doing some work at the house as I find it to be calming and therapeutic. My first project was a retro dining room table and chairs. I ripped off the 4 layers of upholstery to find the cushion had turned to dust. I gave it a new, cushier seat and beautiful new fabric as well as cleaned up the table.


Next I tackled a sad looking mirror. I gave it a new paint job with a black laquer and voila, a “new to me” mirror!



Theses pieces are looking for a new home, so if you are interested check out my etsy store (CbusFurnitureRevival). As I continue to finish pieces they will be added to the store for you to check out!!!

Not only am I interested in redoing my own finds, I would love to help you refinish yours!!! If there is a particular piece you are looking for or already have, please contact me ( and we can bounce around ideas!

I can’t wait to keep you all updated with what I am doing and get your feedback!! This is the first of many to come…


About columbusfurniturerevival

Whether you are in need of new furniture or have a piece of furniture that needs a facelift, I am your gal. I take old furniture and turn it into "new to me" beautiful furniture that could go in any house. Columbus Furniture Revival gives furniture a second chance at love and it could be all yours!!!

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