the colors of spring


We’re happy that the outside is finally starting to match the inside of our colorful shop. Some of our lovely in-store items and their springtime hues coming atcha:


^^^ this lovely little minty green number ^^^


^^^ add a pop of yellow to your kitchen ^^^


^^^ there’s always midgie keeping us inspired with her eggshell blue ^^^


 ^^^ and this lovely springtime collection from Sage Sprouting. April showers bring May flowers…in yo’ ears! ^^^

Stop in and see us over the weekend to make some of these pastel pieces part of your home!

Vendor Profile: Backyard Mint



You know, one of the nice things about wine is that it is seasonally appropriate year round.  That’s why we think these cork wreaths by Backyard Mint are genius. No more switching out your wreath each season or holiday. One of these lovelies will do you good all year long. OR you can switch up your own adornments if you’re really into keeping things festive.


Backyard Mint also makes cute initial decorations. That way you can hang an S on your door to say “Hey, we’re the Smiths and we wine wine all the time time.” The entrance to your home needs to make a statement and we think that is a pretty good one. They would look great anywhere really!! We take custom orders here in the shop! Just let us know your letter of choice and we’ll get our girl Brittany, the crafty lass responsible for BYM, on it.

Stop in and see us and the selection for Backyard Mint in the shop sometime soon!

Good Day, Sunshine


Thank goodness!!! Spring has sprung and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!! We are making some room for some new items, but thought I would share these lil beauties with you to hold you over!!! We also want to welcome our newest vendor CP Cement and her practical and pretty concrete coasters, spoon and ring holders. GET THEM NOW. 










Vendor Profile: Tastefully Dirty Lotions



Do you know what has saved my hands this winter? Working in a store that sells these lovely lotions. Tester bottles! Yeah!

Tastefully Dirty is another great local business that we’re pleased to have in our store as a vendor partnership. The company is based in Grandview and makes all natural, plant based skin and hair care products. Here, I’ll let their site tell you about it:

Tastefully Dirty is a plant-based hair and skin care company that uses essential oils for therapeutic benefits. Our products are completely plant based, vegan, never tested on animals and do not contain any sodium laurel sulfates, paraben, or petroleum. Every product is created with a specific purpose in mind. Essential oils are chosen for their unique properties, whether it be anti-aging, skin discoloration, rosacea, to give your skin that “glow” or the many other amazing benefits that essential oils can provide.

I love the scents but my personal go-to is the Lavender & Spearmint. And just look at how cute that travel size bottle is! Perfect for any bag.

Since it looks like we may have a few more weeks of harsh weather please stop by the shop and check out these lovely lotions. Your skin will thank you immensely.

Playing Catch Up


Its almost here!!! Those days when it stays light longer, less clothes are worn, you don’t slip on your butt walking to your car, and COLOR!!! As life thaws out, more and more spring colors are popping up everywhere. Most of you who know me, are fully aware with my obsession with chartreuse. I know you can imagine how excited I was to get that tub of color and get to work.


This is what came of my spring preparation. This incredible stools that I so badly want to take home, but of course I have no room. So they are here in the shop waiting for a good home to love them like I do.


I also recently added a gorgeous antique drop top desk. She’s a beaut, ain’t she?


Stay tuned!!! With warmer comes better working condition which only means….MORE FURNITURE!!!!!!!

Happy sunny day

Vendor Profile: Gusto Candles



Folks, today it’s spring out there. It may not stick around but just for today it was spring and I left the window cracked just a bit on the ride to work to air everything out. Because you know how everything gets that closed-up-for-4-months funk going on by the time the end of February rolls around?

Here at CFR we’ve relied on our wonderful vendor Gusto Candles to keep the stale at bay all winter and it’s worked like a dream. Now, I’m not normally a lover of food scented candles but the Gingerbread candle has gotten me through these last few weeks. See how it’s almost down to the bottom in that picture up there? Gusto has so many unique scents like Cucumber Wasabi, Tomato Leaf, and Lime Leaf & Lilly that I’m eager to try out but don’t wanna use up all our stock!




Gustos candles are made right here in Ohio and check out the repurposed wine glasses in the last photo down there. That’s part of their revitalized series and fits in so perfectly with Columbus Furniture Revival.


We hope you’ll stop in and pick out your favorite scent today. As Gusto says: life is short. make it smell good.

The Love we Love


Hi friends,

Are you looking for a last-minute token of affection for a loved one for Valentine’s Day? Here’s just a few of the loverly items we love in our shop:

IMG_5626 IMG_5627 IMG_5628 IMG_5629 IMG_5631

1. your love can wear your love

2. keychains make for a low-key {pun!} yet unique reminder of your affections

3. hang a reminder of your feelings around his/her neck

4. celebrate your mutual love for Columbus

5. sip from this set of romantic themed vintage glasses

Stop in to see us before Friday to snag one of these or many other thoughtful items in the shop. Hey, maybe your lover needs a mid-century fridge. We gotcha covered!

Vendor Profile: Poor Sparrow


We have a lot of great jewelry in the shop but one little bird has been with us since the near-beginning so I’d like to get her vendor profile kicked off.

Poor Sparrow has had us swooning for a long time, along with the rest of Columbus. Katie Guagenti has long been a staple of flea markets and festivals with her line of jewelry crafted from a mix of vintage and modern materials. Her pieces are always in demand here at CFR.

We like to think of Poor Sparrow as the jeweled equivalent of Columbus Furniture Revival: start with something vintage, give it a little love, add a touch of modern pop and send it back out into the world for another trip.

We hope you’ll stop in the shop in these coming months as we all anticipate spring: the days when layers come off and bits of skin start showing, begging for the perfect, delicate accessory to welcome our bodies back into the sunshine.


Winter Blues or Springtime Hues?


Does anyone know what the groundhogs of the northern hemisphere are doing today? Do we get 6 more weeks of this? I kinda think we’ve earned an early spring at this point. At least my gas bill thinks so…

So the question floating around this store today is are we sticking with our winter blues or moving on to springtime hues? We have so many lovely shades of blue in the shop that have honestly gotten me through some of these dark winter days. I look at the pretty inside and forget about the nasty outside. { It’s downtown, folks. Things don’t stay white and fluffy down here. }

But I have it on good authority that Lauren has some bright, spring-ish pieces just on the brink of finding their way into the store. I have to be honest that I feel pretty ready to welcome in the bright. I’m ready to welcome in the pastel, ready to welcome in the warm.

But for a little while maybe we can have both? I’m going to show off a few of my favorite blue items in the shop and stay tuned to our social media for posts introducing our vernal additions.


^^^ Gradients of blue: teal sandwiched in between navy and our eggshell blue sweetie, Midge the Fridge ^^^


^^^ Wintertime blues harmoniously co-existing with some verdant pieces in our shop window ^^^


And lastly, don’t forget to get your tickets to our Bummer Valentine’s DIY night coming up on Feb 6th. This is a DIY night you DON’T want to miss out on. Click here for tix:  Eventbrite - Bummer Valentine DIY night

Vendor Profile: Vanessa Jean Speckman


This year, in bloggyness, we’re taking on the project of introducing you to one of our vendors each month. We hope you will enjoy getting to know these vendors as much as we enjoy having their wonderful wares in the shop.

First up is Vanessa Jean Speckman. Vanessa’s witty works are some of my favorite in the shop and after browsing her tumblr, I think I have a girl crush. She supplies our store with keychains made from re-purposed maps and slightly snarky quips. We also have some of her hand detailed notebooks that beg you to write down your dreams and inner desires within their pages but only if you sincerely hope they will come true.

But our favorite items of her making are her notecards. We can’t exactly call them greeting cards b/c their message falls short of greeting and lands more at “i’m glad you didn’t call me because you saved me from having to use the ‘i’m washing my hair that night’ lie, so there.” And let’s be honest, there is a shortage of those types of cards in the world. We’re glad Vanessa Jean is filling that niche. Sometimes old boyfriends need to be told they weren’t that great. Sometimes your naysayers need to be told that their opinion has no impact on your dreams and schemes. If you find yourself in one of those situations then she’s got a card for you.

IMG_5582IMG_5581 IMG_5583

We love her cards so much that we’ve decided to host Vanessa Jean for an evening of crafting Bummer Valentines. Come join us on Feb 6th for wine-drinking and valentine-making. We’ll provide the supplies. You provide the snark.

Eventbrite - Bummer Valentine DIY night


And please check out more of Vanessa Jean’s work. You can find her goods in our shop or on the web at her Etsy or Tumblr.